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More sex doll technology. Technicians United States recently presents sex dolls made as closely as possible with humans, can even orgasm during intercourse.
Harmony, the name of this gorgeous sex doll, has a small hip with big breasts. He was also created to speak so as to express his favorite food and music and wish him happy birthday.
This doll was deliberately made into the figure of a dream woman.
Harmony made of silicone and buyers can choose 42 choices of nipple color and 14 forms of vagina. Then, customers can choose the character of sex dolls of 18 personality. Whether shy, sensual, jealous, moody, or talkative.
This sex doll can also be programmed to recite poetry for those who like literary works. When a customer wants to have a sex doll that likes to joke, it can also be arranged.
The plan, later this year, Harmony clones will be sold to the world. Predicted to cost about 11,700 euros or Rp 202,913,100 (Rp 17,343 per pound sterling).
Harmony creator Matt McMullen said the presence of robot sex dolls such as Harmony would not pose a problem for human relationships in the real world. "This doll was created for those who have difficulty building relationships with others," he said.
Even so, Matt predicts in 2050 there will be more men choosing to connect with sophisticated sex dolls like Harmony. There are some people who are reluctant to have a complex relationship, but the presence of a sex doll is quite a good friend and gives pleasure.
"There are a lot of people out there who for a variety of reasons, it's difficult to have a relationship with the opposite sex, which makes him choose a sex doll," Matt said.
However, still the sex doll is an object. As a robot, Harmony can not be invited to walk or have fun on the beach, or do housework.

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