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The sky was just bright, Xiao Li opened his eyes, ha! Snow flutters in the sky and lays on the ground like a carpet. "It's snowing! It's snowing!" He hurriedly jumped out of bed and shouted a small partner in the same hospital. "It's snowing! It's snowing! Come out and make a snowman!" The little friend listened, and he was happy. He quickly dressed and rushed out of the yard.��s snowing! They are happy to dance, some are rolling on the ground, some are turning over, some are... very happy. "I have done it, don't make trouble." Xiao Li said, "Hurry up and make a snowman!" The little friend listened. He quickly took out the shovel and iron bucket from the house and piled up the snowman. Xiaohua first piled up a big snowball with a donkey and used it as a snowman. Xiaohong took out the bamboo pole from the house and inserted it into the snowball as a snowman's hand. So the snowman's body is ready. Xiaohua used a stack of small snowballs. Xiaojun quickly shoveled up a little snow. "He��s so smart," he said with a smile. The head and body are piled up, but the eyes, nose, and hat are bad. By the way, can the iron bucket not be a hat? Xiaocheng quickly put the iron bucket on the snowman's head, this is a snowman hat. Xiaohong took two briquettes and a carrot from the house, pressed it on the snowman's face, and painted a curved line with his finger under the snowman's nose, ha! A snowman is piled up Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. The friends are happy to laugh again. "Snowman, no one can move!" Xiao Li said, "In addition to the Sun Gonggong, please go to the sky, whoever wants to move, who is..." "Puppy!" Xiaocheng shouted with a scorpion. "Okay!" Their laughter is storyline is reasonably designed Make Newport 100, the content is complete, and the ideas are clear. The small author clearly describes the process of building a snowman in a certain order.he children's image is vivid, the birth process of "Snowman" is full of fun, the characters in the text are full of childishness, innocent, childish and cute. Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. In the blink of an eye, 20 years have passed, when I was already a world-renowned scientist. With my help, people successfully found the second "earth" - Sky Mars, and I also invented the "inferior agent" to keep people young, even the day, Frick Jack, the old president of the International Research Association, suddenly called. He explained the current harsh environment and changes in the ozone layer on the phone, and on behalf of the people around the world asked me to invent a kind of landscaping machine. I have never loved to turn around and I promised it. But this is a difficult thing after all, so I sought to inspire and quietly "sneaked" into the factory, where I saw people in order to protect the environment, many people have raised an animal called "Lu", although it It can purify the air, but it is not easy to feed and expensive. I bought one for an anatomical experiment. There was a filter membrane in the body to find the bacteria in the dust to filter the hunger Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. At this time, my inspiration suddenly burst into the home and rushed into the lab. After working for 8 days and 8 nights, I finally developed the first beautification machine. It mainly absorbs dust, germs and carbon dioxide in the air, and after filtering, disinfecting, scanning and removing, it can discharge fresh air without harming the human body. The next day, I put this invention into production and made it known to ty, a friend found me. He asked me why I didn't apply for a patent. I smiled and said, "My invention is the inspiration that people gave me. I just invented it as a machine. I really should apply for a patent. It��s actually people, isn��t ining chapter summarizes the changes of time with the words ��Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle��, bringing readers directly into life after 20 years. The article is rich in imagination and reasonable in design"I" is a scientist with outstanding inventions and praises from all walks of life. The article tells the story of the small authors using their own ingenuity to invent the "environmental beautification machine" Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, showing the noble character of the small author for the benefit of the people and not for fame and forte content of the article is full Newport Short Cigareetes, the level is clear, the language is smooth, and the regulations are orderly.

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